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Eyelash Extensions


Your lash extensions are gorgeous and look so natural. What are they made of?

Eyelash extensions can be made of synthetic polyester, silk or mink. I use synthetic eyelash extensions because they last longer and they maintain their curl.


How long does the application process take?

The initial set takes about 2 hours and the refills tend to take about an hour. The application process is very relaxing for our clients. People actually fall asleep while the magic happens!


What’s the application process like?

First, we choose the style, shape, design, curl to be used on your eyes. Eyelashes are very customizable since everyone has a different eye shape. The way the client’s face shape and how the eyes are set are also important factors in your lash design. Next, we cleanse the lashes, secure the bottom lashes with some gel eye pads (which are also an additional treatment for your under-eye area), assess the natural lash health, prime, and brush them. Then, I take two pairs of tweezers and separate each of the natural lashes. This step is extremely important. Next, I create handmade “fans” of ultra thin and lightweight lashes, dip them in adhesive and apply to each individual natural eyelash. It’s an extremely meticulous and time-consuming process. In each set, I use a variety of lengths and curls to enhance the beauty of the eye.


Who should NOT get eyelash extensions?

Everyone can benefit from lash extensions. However, people with eye infections or sensitive eyes should seek medical advice first.


How should you care for them?

Caring for them is easy! You just need to clean them every day with OIL FREE makeup remover, brush them with a spoolie, and avoid any kind of oils around your eyes.


How long do they last?

On average, clients come every 3-5 weeks for touch-ups. We do not advise using any cotton rounds/pads or Q-tips to clean lashes. You can wash them easily with an eyeshadow blending brush or with your fingers. Don’t rub your eyes, pick, or play with your lashes. If you follow these steps, they will last for a long time.


Can you use makeup and eye makeup remover with the extensions?

We do not recommend any mascara on your eyelashes, but you can use eyeliners or eyeshadows (there are special liners for eyelash extensions). Remember NOT to use waterproof makeup as it is extremely hard to take it off.


How do you take them off?

If you ever decide that you want to take them off, (what??!!) you should have them removed professionally. We apply a special solution on your lashes to break the adhesive bond, and the eyelashes slide off after a couple of minutes. Your natural lashes should be just as healthy as before you started your journey with eyelash extensions (if not healthier). If applied properly, eyelash extensions do not damage natural lashes.

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