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Lip Blush Class
1 or 2 day course for PMU Artists
This is not a class for the beginners. 
Struggling with creating perfect Lips? Not sure which color is going to be best for your client? This Advanced class is going to help you with all your problems! 
1 day Workshop $1300
-practice on fake skin
-learn Karolina's drawing technique for even lips
-learn my pre and post care instructions
-stretching and shading techniques
-Social media management tips and tricks
-shadow me through appointment 
For dates please email us at
2 Day Course $2200
-color theory
-needle and machine theory
-how to pick perfect pigment
-skin types in PMU
-drawing techniques, how to secure your drawing
-pre and post care instructions
-social media management
-practice on fake skin
-stretching and fading techniques
-hands on practice- model
For dates please email us at
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