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Before Booking your appointment please read all information below!

You CAN NOT receive Microblading if you are:


  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Under 18 years old

  • Use retionol based products on  brow area within past 2 months.

  • Are currently using Accutane or have used Accutane within the past year

  • Have a freshly tanned/sunburned face

  • Are on blood thinning medications

  • Have Rosacea 

  • During or right after Chemotherapy 

  • Please make sure you are healthy when you come for your appointment.

  • Have Rosacea or very thin skin.

  • If you have previously tattooed/Microbladed brows (even very faded) please contact us before booking your appointment.

Microblading FAQ

What is Microblading? 

Permanent Makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing, also known as micropigmentation. It is a cosmetic technique where pigment is inserted into the skin to resemble makeup typically achieved using a machine or manual hand tool to create permanent enhancements to the eyebrows, eyes, lips, and body.


Microblading is a technique of cosmetic tattooing performed specifically on the eyebrows. It is done by manually implanting pigment into the skin by using handtool with unique formation of needles. That allows the artist to create the look of real eyebrow hairs by tattooing very fine hair-like strokes in the skin.  

How do I know which technique will suit me best?

Karolina will suggest technique that will suit your skin type/brow shape etc during consultation right before the procedure. In general, if you are looking for very natural, almost undetectable look- you should pick Microblading. If you prefer more definition-Powder Brow will be better. 

How do you pick color of pigment?

I usually match the pigment with color of your natural brow hair so it looks the most natural. 

How do you pick the shape?

Every artist have their specific style. Karolina custom draws the shape for every client that suits their face. She also suggests proper technique based on clients skin type/ ​their current brow shape etc. It is important that you put faith in the process of designing the brows shape based on your facial symmetry, muscles etc. 

I have Microblading/Tattoo done by different artist. Can you do a touch up on my brows?

It depends... Every artist has specific style of work so sometimes I can't work on previously tattooed brows. Every case is different so please send me pictures of your brows with no makeup on to my email

Do you have to shave off your eyebrows to get it done?

Absolutely No! Microblading is done to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible. Microblading is a great solution for people who have over-plucked their eyebrows( 90's brows ;) ) , or who have naturally very thin/light eyebrows and want to accentuate the look of eyebrows on their face. It is not necessary, nor recommended for a client to get rid of any natural hair he or she may already have. Karolina always try to enhance your natural eyebrows.

What kind of pigment is used in Microblading?

Cosmetic tattoos are made using iron oxide or carbon based pigments that are safe to use and are created to fade over time.

How long will Microblading last?

Usually it last anywhere from 10months to 3 years. Factors such as skin type, iron deficiency, pigment color (lighter colors fade faster or have less contrast) and sun exposure can affect time at which these pigments are broken down. For best results it is recommended that you follow our aftercare instructions and touch-up your tattoo every 10-15months (or as needed). Clients with oily skin might need touch-ups more often. Final results are NOT guaranteed as everyone has different skin, and retains pigment differently. Microblading is usually 2 appointment process and touch ups are recommended at 5-12 weeks. Please note that it is your responsibility to come back for your touch up  before 12 week mark. (the same rule apply for clients traveling from different states or countries). Any touch up after 12 weeks will be consider Color Boost ( see in pricing tab)

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Microblading?


  • Microblading may not work well on clients with oily skin types or skin with large pores. Microblading heals best on normal to dry skin types. . Increased oil production can cause hair strokes to blur and heal lighter and more powdery than you would like. Powder/Ombre brow works better for oily skin.

  • Mature Skin: Tends to be thinner and more delicate which may increase bleeding and loss of pigment.

  • Darker Skin: There may be less contrast and visible detail in the strokes.

  • Previously Tattooed Brows or scars in brow area: Previous tattooing must be nearly invisible. Scar tissue associated with previous tattooing or tattoo removal may affect pigment retention. A consultation in required if you have had your brows previously tattooed. If you book an appointment without disclosing previous cosmetic tattoo work your deposit will be forfeited and your appointment will be cancelled.

  • Client's with thin skin or Rosacea cannot receive Microblading.

 Microblading is not meant to entirely replace makeup. Eyebrow pencils and powders may still be needed.


You CAN NOT receive Microblading if you are:


  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Under 18 years old

  • Use retionol based products on  brow area within past 2 months.

  • Are currently using Accutane or have used Accutane within the past year

  • Have a freshly tanned/sunburned face

  • Are on blood thinning medications

  • Have Rosacea 

  • During or right after Chemotherapy 

  • Please make sure you are healthy when you come for your appointment.


If you are still not sure if you are good candidate for Microblading you can book complementary consultation.

Does Microblading hurt?

Topical anesthetic is used to maximize comfort during the procedure. Every person has different pain tolerance. Receiving the procedure during your menstrual cycle usually increase your sensitivity and makes it more uncomfortable.

What can affect my Microblading results?

  • Bleeding during the procedure. It is very important that you follow pre care instructions to help minimize bleeding. You can find all information how to prepare for the service in Pre Care tab.

  • Smoking: Smokers may notice that their Microblading will fade faster

  • Anemia and iron deficiency: Your body will absorb these iron based pigments more quickly.

  • Sun exposure: Increased exposure to the sun will cause premature fading. It is recommended that you use sunscreen on your brows after healing process is complete. 

  • Color of pigment: Lighter colors fade more quickly than darker colors.

What happens during my appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment you will be asked to fill out consent forms. Your brow area will be thoroughly cleaned and topical anesthetic will be applied. While you are numbing, Karolina will go over aftercare instructions and answer all your questions. Once you have finished numbing, brow designing begins. Karolina will recommend brow design that will suit your face. You will work together to create brows that you like best and will look the most natural. Please keep in mind that Microblading is NOT makeup. Depending on your brows and bone structure and amount hair you have on your eyebrows, makeup may still be needed to achieve more dramatic brow looks once you have healed. You must approve the shape before Karolina begins Microblading.  Additional numbing will be applied during prosedure to help keep you as comfortable as possible.

How long does the procedure take?

The time can vary depending on the procedure. For the initial appointment Karolina dedicates 2.5 hours. Much of that time is spent choosing colors, design and allowing the topical anesthetics to take effect.

Will permanent cosmetics change or look bad as I age?

Permanent cosmetics will fade gradually over time. The color will fade and when you return for a touch-up you can also change the color (within reason) as you age.

Are activities restricted during the healing period? 

It is important to avoid saunas, facials, steam baths, activities that will result in extreme sweating, tanning salons, sun and chlorinated or salt water pools for a minimum of a week and preferably two weeks after a procedure. 

What is your lateness policy?

We have a 15 minute late policy. Please call if you are going to be late. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment $100 deposit will be forfeited and your appointment will be cancelled.  If you want to book your next appointment, you will have to pay another deposit.

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