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Start making 6 figures!!!
be your own BOSS!


$500 cost per procedure
$2500 weekly income based on 5 procedures
$120,000 yearly income!!

Master Ombre Masterclass

1 or 2 day course for PMU Artists

Struggling with mapping or color theory? Your healed results are not perfect? This Advanced class is going to help you with all your problems! 

1 day Workshop $1299 (reg.$1599)
-live demo model presentation
-learn Karolina's mapping technique for symmetrical brows
-learn my pre and post care instructions
-stretching and shading techniques
-ask questions regarding services and techniques 

For dates please email us at

3 day Beginner Fundamental
Ombre Brow Training $3000 (reg. $3800)

-color theory
-small class

-how to pick perfect pigment
-skin types in PMU
-mapping techniques
-pre and post care instructions
-social media management
-practice on fake skin
-stretching and fading techniques
-hands on practice- model
-machine included

For dates please email us at
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